Rotary retort type kiln gives a heat treatment bythe direct throwing of the materials into the heatedretort instead of putting the powdered materialsinto the containers like trays.This designenhances the efficiency of the operation withoutthe tool costs.We produce two types of this kilnas a continuous type and a batch type.  
  Gas combustion sintering kiln
Temperature: 1300
Capacity: 560kg/h
Volume: 1,600MJ/h
Application example: Sintering ferrite.
  Wagon-loading sintering kiln
Temperature: 1650
Capacity: 100kg/h
Power: 165kW
Application example: Sintering ceramic compacts.
  Rotary retort kiln
Temperature: 1400
Capacity: 20kg/h
Power: 20kW
Dimension of the retort: 240 840mm
Application example: Firing ceramic powder.
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