The heating equipment,or industrial furnace operated onelectricity or gas,is an equipment to heat,sinter,dissolve,and heat- treat ceramic,electronic parts,metal,glass,and powder at a specified temperature.We produce heating equipment ranging from small testing furnace to large industrial furnace for users in every field.As a general producer of heating elements and refractoriesnecessary for the heating equipment,we have anadvanced multiple technology.We are experienced andhave achieved many accomplishments in designing andmanufacturing of heating equipment and facilities related tothem.Our advanced technology enabled us to computerizethe selection of temperature,atmosphere,and pressure suitable for any production management software.Byalways giving a top priority to safety,we have also made itpossible to automatically feed and turn out products and toconserve energy and space.  


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Tower kiln



Tower Kiln

  (Falling Type Rapid Baking Kiln)

Pusher type tunnel kiln

- MLCC Atmosphere sintering kiln
- High temperature atmosphere sintering kiln
- Atmosphere sintering kiln
- Powder firing kiln
- Insulator of metallized resistor sintering kiln
- Slope-lift type sintering kiln
- Multilayered Ceramic capacitors sintering kiln
- Two-storied sintering kiln
- Three-storied sintering kiln
- KOROGARI (rolling) kiln
Roller hearth tunnel kiln

- Standard roller hearth kiln
- Mini roller hearth kiln
- Roller hearth kiln for electronic parts
- Gas combustion roller hearth kiln
Vacuum kiln

- Rapid cooling type vacuum kiln
- Gas pressure sintering kiln
- Vacuum,gas atmosphere kiln
- Vertical vacuum kiln
- Vacuum substitution horizontal kiln
- Vacuum substitution large high temperature kiln
Other type kiln

- Gas combustion sintering kiln
- Wagon-loading sintering kiln
- Rotary retort kiln
Belt type kiln

- Humpback type belt kiln
- Belt kiln for removing binder
- Belt kiln for baking
- Belt kiln for thick film
Batch type kiln

- Elevator type kiln
- Multiple sintering kiln E,K,S type
- Box type kiln


Heating treatment kiln

- Far infrared ray belt kiln
- Degreasing kiln
- Exhaust combustion kiln
- Exhaust deodorizing machine
- Hot press kiln
- Hot press kiln
- Recirculating muffle type kiln
- Tube type test kiln
Kiln accessories

- Sagger conveying machine
- Gas control panel
- Computer control system


Industrial furnace division

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